Prestige Financial Group


Prestige Financial Groupwas started in 2002 by providing basic insurance, investment and mortgage solutions to the mass markets in South East Asia. We narrowed our focus in providing our services to Organizations and High net worth Individuals in 2009.

What began with insurance, investments and mortgage solutions, has now evolved into providing our valued clients boutique wealth management services, customized financing packages, business financings, opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, customized risk management solutions and customized ultra-high net worth plans, these services are provided to clients worldwide.

We understand that lifestyle is an important element for every individual and we believe that all lifestyle needs should have its own customized financing packages. We provide our clients financing solutions for purchasing and operating Airplanes, yachts, art-galleries, vineyards etc. Specifically for the 2013 yacht show we provide owners and aspiring owners of yachts, yacht management companies and yacht charterers’ financing schemes, insurance solutions and ownership schemes to fully or partially cover annual operational cost, refitting and upgrading costs. We also have yachts available for investment and ownership. We are able to customize solutions that are unique to an individual or organization that’s why we are confident to say,

“WE understand what defines YOU”

Prestige Financial Group 2013