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Critical Illness

According to Health Markets “In one year, more than 795,000 people will have stroke, 735,000 will have a heart attack. and 1.7 million will be diagnosed with cancer.”
Critical illness insurance is an insurance plan that pays if someone has a critical illness and this can help fill the gaps in your health insurance coverage n the event of an unexpected medical event.

If you experience a qualifying illness, critical illness insurance policies pay out lump- sum cash benefits directly to you. Qualifying events like:

End-Stage Rena Disease (ERSD)
Heart Attack
Illness-Induced Coma
Life-Threatening Cancer
Major Organ Transplant
Stroke, And MORE
Benefits are paid directly to you, so you can use the amount in whichever way you need (out-of-pocket medical costs, mortgage payments, etc.) Word of note, policies cannot be purchased after a medical event has occurred.

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